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to the next level.

Offer Pet Letter to Santa Kits.
Santa writes back.

Pet Letter to Santa Kit

What would your pet like to find under the tree on Christmas morning?

Cue the Christmas carols and hot cocoa....it's time to write a letter to Santa from your pet!

Mail your pet's letter to the North Pole using the pre-addressed envelope. Your pet will receive a personal reply letter from Santa himself!

Who writes Pet Letters to Santa?

pet parents

Whether your pet is very young, or in their golden years, begin a holiday tradition of writing a letter to Santa from your pet. Use this special letter-writing time to reflect on the naughty and nice shenanigans of the past year! Santa's letters are memorable keepsakes to cherish for years to come.

families with children

Children who write their own letters to Santa will delight in sharing the magic with their family pet! How fun to think about what their pet would like to ask for from Santa! Little ones who need a wee bit of help getting started will appreciate the giggly fill-in-the-blanks prompts! Share the special moments of your child reading Santa's reply letter aloud to their pet!

pets with fans

If #tongueouttuesday and #caturday are familiar to you, you are one in four people who have a social media account for your pet! Engage followers to help write your pet's letter to Santa...gather for an Instagram live to read Santa's reply letter with your pet's community!

Included in each Kit.

In each Kit, you will find festive stationery for your pet to write a letter, including fun fill-in-the-blank prompts to help you get started.

You will also see an envelope addressed to Santa's outpost. (It will be promptly forwarded to the North Pole)

Santa LOVES replying to lettters from pets all around the world. Your return envelope is enclosed to ensure Santa's reply letter arrives back to you safely.

Simply follow the easy-peasy instructions, while using your official pencil from the North Pole that is included in your Kit.

Santa's reply letter will be mailed to your home, with a small keepsake ornament.

I'm still wondering...

The envelope in your Kit is already addressed to make its way to the North Pole. All you need to do is add a stamp!

We encourage your pet's letter to be posted to Santa by December 9th, so you receive your reply letter before Christmas! International pets outside of the United States are encouraged to write to Santa earlier!

When sibling children help pets write their letter, Santa is truly tickled! Their imaginations are as immense as some of their requests! Like the chihuahua who asked for his own car made of jellybeans! What an exciting idea! (Santa is putting his elves to work in the factory on a prototype as we speak).

Rest assured, however. Santa will not refer to any specific gifts in his reply letters. There is so much more wonder to share!

Oh, this is a great question! Santa doesn't share this with many people but pssst....he gets extra jolly when he reads letters from naughty pets!

All of your pets can use the same Kit to write their letter to Santa. Use as much space as you need to include everyone's wishes!

Pets that share a letter to Santa will receive one reply letter from Santa to share together!

Shop Display Ideas!

Make 'Pet Letter to Santa Kits' an anticipated tradition in your local community, a la pumpkin spice lattes in autumn! Here are some ideas to create a magical in-shop experience:

  • Merchandise your shop's Pet Letter to Santa Kits beside or inside an an open mailbox (link here)

  • If you mount the mailbox, surround the base with presents!

  • Encourage customers to return to your shop with their dogs to post their letters into the mailbox. (Just remember to deliver the letters to a real mailbox every day!)

  • Take photos or videos of your customers' pets posting their letters to Santa to your in-shop mailbox. Tag and feature your customers on your social channels.